Headlight Restoration Service

Faded or oxidised headlights can be noted as an ‘advisory’ during MOT testing, and if the oxidisation is particularly bad, can even be a cause of MOT failure.

Our Headlight Restoration service will not only restore the finish of your vehicles headlights, but also protect them!

Most modern car headlights are made from Polycarbonate, which is a very durable type of plastic. Car manufacturers apply a UV protection layer to headlights during the assembly process, but unfortunately, if this is not protected on a regular basis with a sealant or wax it will degrade and become cloudy. Harsh chemicals used by ‘local hand car washes’ will also accelerate this degrading process.

We will use a series of wet or dry abrasives to first remove the oxidisation, then commence the refinement process.

Once removed, we will then restore a like new shine via a two stage machine polishing process.

Finally we will remove all polish residues with an IPA based solution before applying a UV protection layer.

Depending on the severity of the damage, this treatment will cost between £40 - £50 per set.

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