Front Bumper Paint Protection Film Package

Front-bumper-ppfOur bumper paint protection film package will cover and protect your vehicles front bumper.

If you’re looking to protect your front bumper from road rash, stone chipping, etching from bugs and all the other nasties of the road, then this paint protection film package is for you. This front end paint protection film helps to protect your car in the long run, inevitably raising the potential re-sale value of the vehicle. The paint protection film will not affect paint clarity or gloss levels, providing a virtually invisible protective barrier for your vehicles front bumper.

Before installing the paint protection film on the bumper, we will carry out an in depth clean and decontamination of the bumper. In addition, prior to the paintwork protection film being installed, the front bumper will get a single stage machine polish paint enhancement to ensure that any light scratches, swirl marks and wash marring is removed. This will ensure no defects are sealed in below the paint protection film.

Front Bumper PPF

  • Entire front bumper protection
  • 5 Years Warranty

Benefits of our Paint Protection Film

  • SunTek Trained Installers
  • Self healing protective film comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • PPF does not reduce paint clarity
  • Provides a near invisible protective layer
  • Stops stone chips
  • Scratch resistant
  • Protects against bird droppings
  • Protects against bug squash